Sense-making: A necessity for effective learning of Mathematics.

  • Gabri�l F. du Toit
Keywords: Wiskundeonderwys, Konstruktiwisme, heuristiek, algoritme, konseptuele leer, prosedurele leer, konsepbeeld, konsep-definisie


This article examines the phenomenon of why effective learning does not always materialise in Mathematics and, more specifically, in Algebra at school level. In an attempt to understand why effective learning evades learners, a narrative inquiry was conducted on future teachers (students) enrolled for a Mathematics education course as well as on teachers furthering their studies in Mathematics education. Such narrative inquiry also aims to make known the researcher�s experience of the various obstacles encountered in the teaching of Mathematics education and to offer insights afforded by the researcher�s personal reflections. The outcomes are compared with possible reasons as portrayed in literature. The participants� responses are discussed by analysing their responses to some of the questions posed to them.

Author Biography

Gabri�l F. du Toit
Program director, Initial Teacher Education, Faculty of Education
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du Toit, G. (2012). Sense-making: A necessity for effective learning of Mathematics. Suid-Afrikaans Tydskrif Vir Natuurwetenskap En Tegnologie / <i>South African Journal of Science and Technology</I&gt;, 31(1), 7 bladsye.
Original Research: Mathematics Education