Creating wellness in the school natural sciences curriculum: The two missing links

  • Josef J. de Beer
Keywords: gesondheid, holisme, skoolkurrikulum, affektiewe domein, inheemse kennis, medisinale plante.


This article sheds light on two missing links in the science school curriculum which result in learners� wellness and appreciation for a holistic view of health not being adequately addressed. Firstly, in the natural sciences curriculum (Senior Phase) and life sciences curriculum (Further Education and Training), health and wellness are often viewed (also by the teachers) from a reductionist perspective, which results in learners not appreciating the holistic nature of healthcare. Secondly, I argue for greater emphasis on the affective domain in the science classroom, and a stronger focus on indigenous knowledge systems which do embrace holism. The article provides practical examples of border crossing between the natural sciences and metaphysics, without ignoring the tenets of the nature of science. The author shows how such border crossing could result in learners developing a more nuanced understanding of and appreciation for holistic wellness.

Author Biography

Josef J. de Beer
Josef is 'n mede-professor in die Wetenskap en Tegnologie Deaprtemnet, Fakulteit Opvoedkunde, UJ
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de Beer, J. (2014). Creating wellness in the school natural sciences curriculum: The two missing links. Suid-Afrikaans Tydskrif Vir Natuurwetenskap En Tegnologie / <i>South African Journal of Science and Technology</I&gt;, 33(1), 7 bladsye.
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